Today in History:

James Hobbs aka Comanche Jim

Ran across this interesting tidbit at the Dayton National Cemetary website:

James Hobbs was also known as Comanche Jim. Captain and Scout, Texas Ranger Regiment, Mexican War; and Co. E, 1st Mo., Mounted Volunteers, Civil War. Hobbs was the Great-grandson of renowned Indian Chief, Tecumseh. He spent 15 years with the Comanches and 7 years wandering over the West and South with Kit Carson. Hobbs' Pass, Hobbs' Peak, Hobbs' Lake, and Hobbs' Trail in Arizona are named for him. For a complete obituary on James Hobbs see the Dayton Journal dated Nov. 20, 1880.

This may be interesting to those from Ohio, given the relationship Comanche Jim had to Tecumseh. The cemetary itself is interesting and still today plays a significant role in serving our nations soldiers who have fought to defend her freedom.