Today in History:

Teachers tackle race, economic disparity and history

Race, economic disparity and history collide in the Coretta Scott King Award winning novel Bud, Not Buddy. Heavy topics such as these, demand that students have a opportunity to do more than read the words written in the book. The color of Bud's skin continues to be a problem to him, but that was the 1930's.  Does skin color matter today? Students need to spend time, roll the content around in their brains, and make decisions with and without the guidance of the teacher. Help your students do just that with this novel by Christopher Paul Curtis through schema activation, predictions, space to record independent thinking, journal prompts, get out of the book activities and personal reflection questions that encourage deep thinking and interaction with the text and their world. Do not let the word simple in Smart Simple Novel Studies or Smart Simple Homeschool scare you. The simple part is for you, the educator or parent,  simply purchase and print. All resources created by Smart Simple Homeschool are designed to challenge your learner to think, learn, know, do and become.  Start your conversations with the Bud, Not Buddy novel study.